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Reflection: Healthy Choices Are Important To Me

Self-Reflection Questions:
1. What new, healthy habits should I adopt?
2. What are some unhealthy habits I could replace with healthier choices?
3. Do I exercise regularly? How can I incorporate more exercise into my daily routines?

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Hey, it's Dave from's Reflections and Affirmations. Designed to help you identify what is truly important to you and to create the mindset that will assist you to move better, stay healthy and be happy!

Healthy choices are important to me.

I always consider the health ramifications of my choices and find it easy to choose options that benefit my mind and body.

When I am occasionally tempted to make an unhealthy choice, I quickly remind myself how important my health is to me so I can make a decision that supports this priority. I generally find it very easy to keep health in mind when making decisions.

If I am running late in the mornings, I still find a nutritious option for breakfast. I keep healthy snacks readily available within reach so I can grab some on my way out the door. For work, I bring my own healthy lunches and snacks. When I do go out to lunch with friends, I find a wholesome and nourishing option on the menu.

I always keep my refrigerator and pantry stocked with healthy ingredients so I can make nutritious dinners. When cooking a meal, I make extra portions and freeze them for quick and easy dinner preparation when I am short on time.

I take the time I need to exercise and relax. As a result, my stress level is very low. I go to bed early enough to get the sleep that I need so I can wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

I get a regular check-up with my physician. I am happy to find out additional steps I can take to strengthen my health. I seek out the advice of experts.Today, I am prepared to have a healthy day. I value my health and take the necessary steps to maintain it.

Reflection: Healthy Choices Are Important To Me

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