10 to 30 Minute Classes for Busy People

You know you need to workout to move and feel well the rest of your life.

But you're busy, often it can seem like there are not enough hours in the day.

That's why we offer online Short and Sweet StretchPro Classes for Busy People

Classes designed to...

  • Relieve Stiffness & Soreness
  • Enhance Athletic Performance,
  • Increase & Maintain Range Of Motion
  • Feel Lighter & Younger
  • Add Strength
  • Increase Flexibility and Improve Posture
  • in only 10 to 30 minutes a day!

Join a Live Class where you will interact under the watchful eye of a RiversZen Master Trainer, 

Or pick a class from the RiversZen extensive On-Demand Library.

Either way, get your workout in from your home, office or even on the beach, and get on with your day!

StretchPro Short and Sweet Classes for Busy People are YOUR Secret Weapon to Resolve Pain, Move Well and Feel Great For Life

Live 15 to 30 Minute Class Schedule
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