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The Key To Success For Your New Year Resolutions

By RiversZen | Ageless Living

The New Year is right around the corner.  Any thoughts for the new year?  Things you wish you had done this year but didn’t complete.

Your resolution doesn’t need to be huge.  It doesn’t even need to be life changing . . . though it may be.


Make a list of the things you didn’t complete this year or items you have been thinking about but just never seem to get around to doing and prioritize them or just list them in order of ease of completion.  Make them bite-sized pieces.  Before you know it, they will be completed.


Look around the house and do one thing each day.  Maybe it’s cleaning the kitchen cupboards . . . one shelf at a time.  Your dresser . . . one drawer at a time.  Even if you are talking about a much larger job like the garage . . . bite-sized pieces.  Whether your list is for business or personal goals the same bite-sized theory applies.


What if it is something more difficult . . . like getting healthier . . . same concept.


Don’t force yourself to go to the gym or studio every day.  Whatever your change in activity, start slowly and allow your body to grow accustomed to the new movement.  As you feel more comfortable in your skin, start adding more or ask questions about what you could be doing at home or connect with a program like (Click The Link and Your First Month is only $1) which is the online version of our studios.


It contains a wealth of educational material as well as online classes and/or descriptions of things you can do at home.  It’s a great addition to the in-person studio experience as it is available at your fingertips when you are at home or traveling and have a question about a pose or exercise or a question about another facet of your health such as changing your eating program.


Don’t feel defeated if you do that one step at a time either.  For some people they must get rid of all temptation and completely clean the cupboards and refrigerator of all such foods immediately.  For others a more gradual approach will make them feel less deprived and potentially more successful.  The kinder you are to yourself the greater the likelihood of success.  Maybe get rid of refined sugar first and slowly include other foods you know are bad for you.


Connect with a group like ZenFit where others are doing the same thing . . . maybe in a different way than you; but, still experiencing similar challenges.  It will give you the support you need during those difficult times and it is designed with the understanding that each of our journeys is unique as we have diverse histories and our bodies, though basically anatomically similar, do not behave identically to the same foods.



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Peggy Stevens is the founder, owner and operator of RiversZen Fitness Studios in Oregon and Washington. She is also the creator of StretchPro. You can join Peggy live at or follow her online at

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