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Benefit And Improve Your Oral Health With Yoga

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Oral Health and Yoga at RiversZenBenefit And Improve Your Oral Health With Yoga


Proper oral care is important for people of all ages,  As we get older, it becomes imperative that we take extra care of our teeth and general oral health, to prevent any issues from developing.  This means visiting the dentist regularly and being treated for any issues, to ensure your smile stays bright, and your mouth remains healthy. There are additional ways to also help to maintain oral health, such as taking yoga classes. Yoga encompasses many great oral health benefits, such as a pose called Sirshasana, which stimulates blood to the pituitary gland. This posture, or ‘Asana’, can help to strengthen bones and teeth, which as we become older, is very important.


Prevention and Good Advice


Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder is affected  by bite position, which results in the positioning and shape of the jaw.  Resting the tongue near the roof is also considered to be poor oral posture.  These issues can cause a domino effect, producing other health problems related to the neck and spine.  Yoga helps to prevent such issues, such as the mountain pose, the raised arms pose and the standing forward bend pose, which all promote better posture and body alignment. They also help to make the legs stronger, which is an added bonus!  A good dentist can provide valuable advice about general oral health, and may also offer inexpensive dental insurance for families and individuals.


Be Happy and Be Healthy


Stress also seems to play a large role in people’s every-day lives, and can impact on dental health.  This can include teeth grinding which can result in broken fillings, leading to nerve damage.  It also means that teeth can become worn down and very small cracks can appear. If dentin is exposed, teeth and gum sensitivity is experienced.  This can then lead to other things, such as loosened teeth, gums that recede, and an aching head and jaw.  Stress inhibits saliva glands, which compromises normal levels of saliva production. Saliva is of course essential for neutralizing plaque acid, and it contains antibacterial enzymes which break down food particles. The really good news is that yoga is a great stress reliever, so it prevents such dental health issues from developing.  There are also techniques that can be practiced to improve and increase saliva production, such as  the Khecarī Mudrā.  This involves rolling the tongue to the very back of the roof of the mouth, holding the position.


Together in Body and Spirit


Interestingly enough, the word yoga is taken from the Sanskrit words, ‘to yoke’. The meaning being, that the spirit and body come together in complete unification, in movement and breathing. From tapping into your spiritual side, you can initiate physical processes and changes that can greatly benefit, and improve oral health.  This is something that definitely should not be under-estimated.


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