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5 Tips to Help Beginners Truly Enjoy The Yoga Experience

RiversZen Beginning Yoga Tips

1. Do not Worry About Being Perfect.
Together with your yoga mat and your towel, bring a sense of humor to class. Yogis who get hung up on doing whatever 'perfectly' are less likely to enjoy the experience and stick to it.

2. Do not Force It
Adapt your movements to accommodate your level of strength and endurance, so that you prevent injury and feel comfy in every posture.

3. Connect to the Pose
Keep an eye out for what I call 'self mutilation'-- spending your time speaking to yourself about what you cannot do. This will make your practice dismal. The more you remain linked to feeling the present-- to breathing into the pose-- to moving with ease-- the much better your experience will be.

4. Take a Beginning Workshop
To jump-start your practice, go to a beginning yoga workshop. By momentarily shelving all the diversions in your regular life, you'll find out enough to make a big difference in your weekly yoga class experience.

5. Be Open
When you get to class, keep an open mind. Tune in to your own limitless possibilities. And drink water and breathe.

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