Time to Take Your Health and Fitness to the Next Level With RiversZen 6 Week Intensive Private Sessions Delivering Quick and Massive Results

Customized Program

Your trainer will focus on your unique needs and customize a program that WILL deliver massive results for you! Our focus is totally on helping you achieve massive success.

Private Sessions

Every week you will meet with your trainer for a hands on session. After an assisted stretch you will learn how to not only get better but how to maintain your results going forward.

VIP Support

You will have full access to the entire RiversZen Community including classes, videos, trainings, workshops and more. You will receive VIP support including email, text and phone. 

Motivation, Inspiration, Instruction

How It Works

1) Pick Your Goal Below
2) Click The Link and Review The Information
3) Invest In Your Sessions
4) Your trainer will contact you to discuss your goals and set up your schedule

6 Week Butt and Gut Intensive

In the next 6 weeks you can become stronger and more flexible than you've ever been. Are you up to the challenge?
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Dramatically Better Balance 

Yes, you can massively improve your balance in the next 6 weeks. Prevent falls, stay strong and injury free. Let's do this!
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6 Weeks to Lifetime Relief From Lower Back Pain and Sciatica

Sick and tired of lower back pain? Want to get out of pain and learn how to stay out of pain?
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Dave, Peggy and Kim

After working with thousands of clients, RiversZen's Master Trainers are adept at providing customized solutions designed just for you.

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