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Do You Have 72 Seconds Available?

By RiversZen | Ageless Living

Do you have 72 seconds available?

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When you hear what it can accomplish you might be a bit more engaged in make sure you can find the time.  Jill Miller shares a post on her Yoga Tune Up® site sharing a study presented by Dr. Loren Fishman and Ellen Saltonsall that emphasized that bones need STRESS; but not the anxiety building kind, to maintain strength. Yoga poses act on the bones by “applying forces of opposing muscle groups to them that greatly exceed gravity, stimulating bone cells (osteocytes) to create more bone.” They also suggested that yoga greatly improves arthritic joints by circulating synovial fluid, and stimulating all of the connective tissues around the joints, helping to mobilize these stagnant tissues.


Fishman then said that there is a magic number to initiate this process of new bone growth. 72 secondsYes, you must hold your pose for 1 minute and 12 seconds to reap the benefits. This should be approached gradually, as building up the strength to maintain a pose for 72 seconds may take months — but it will be well worth it. Plus, you will be rewarded with less stress (the anxiety-producing kind) and improved breathing, sleep and coordination. You have nothing to lose … and you can gain bone density!


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