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My Aching Back! Fixed …

By RiversZen | Peggy Stevens

You have all heard the story about the cobbler’s children with no shoes.  Well that phenomenon can happen in any profession . . . especially ours.


David, Kim and I as the owners of RiversZen provide resistance stretching services for a living. It’s what we do and it’s what kept David from 7 different recommended surgeries about 10 years ago.  So, you would think we stretched each other all the time . . . not so much.  We get busy.  Days are long.


Well, last week I had a sequence of events that really brought it home how important what we do is.  I don’t know if I slept wrong (Miss Pink occasionally is a bed hog); if I picked up something awkwardly . . . I really don’t know what I did; but, I woke with a very sore lower back and it was getting worse as the day went on.


David popped in to our Astoria facility on his way up the peninsula and saw how uncomfortable I was.  He asked if I wanted a stretch, which at first, I said no as I didn’t want to make him take the extra time to do it . . . shortly after I change my mind and he literally took no more than 15 minutes to stretch my quads and hamstrings.  That was it.


He went on his way and within a very short period of time I realized the pain was gone.  And it has not returned.


Resistance stretching is great stuff and because of that we are going to start making 15-minute $20 stretches available to you to give you an opportunity to experience the relief yourself.   These will be offered first come first served no appointments necessary.


We are still figuring out the details but probably Tuesday afternoons in Astoria and Wednesday afternoons in Ilwaco.  We will continue to have our StretchPro initial assessments, our hour and ½ hour long appointments for those looking for a more in-depth session which also includes self-care education.


If you have been experiencing lower back pain, sciatica, or any number of a long list of nagging issues give resistance stretching a try . . . you will be pleasantly surprised.


StretchPro Resistance Stretching has saved many an aching back … See how it works at the StretchPro Website and book Your Initial Assessment 

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