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Whole Body Vibration Therapy And High Blood Pressure Patients

By RiversZen | Ageless Living , Fitness , Peggy Stevens , Stress Management , ZenFit

Vibration Therapy and Blood Pressure

If you happen to smoke, suffer from diabetes or are overweight and have elevated cholesterol levels, most likely you have developed high blood pressure. However, people who have an active lifestyle and a healthy weight can also suffer from this condition, the potential causes and risk factors of high blood pressure being a variant amount. Blood pressure […]

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5 Simple Self Care Practices You Can Implement Now

By RiversZen | Yoga

self love

 5 Simple Self-Care Practices You Can Implement NowBetween work, home, and social responsibilities, do you often feel that all your time is spent taking care of others? Neglecting self-care is easy in a busy world, but the consequences can be serious. Adding self-care practices to your daily routine can greatly strengthen your health and well-being. […]

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Yoga and Sports

By RiversZen | Dave Stevens , Fitness , Yoga

yoga for sports

For the general populace, yoga is associated with meditation, chanting, deep breathing, contemplating one’s navel, and other esoteric practices. Very few people would associate it with sports. These days, however, coaches and athletes are seeing many benefits that yoga can offer in the field of sports. These benefits are well-documented and worth looking into if […]

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The Ins, Outs, and In Betweens of Your Digestive Tract: Relax and Digest

By RiversZen | Nutrition , Peggy Stevens

relax digest

By: Jessie Dwiggins Reprinted with Permission from YogaTuneUp I’ll outline some techniques to help your organs do their job more efficiently. The success of our digestive system depends on food being able to pass through the tubes unrestricted. Chronic abdominal tension reduces our ability to digest, assimilate, and metabolize our food. Even though the digestive processes of […]

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The Ins, Outs, and In Betweens of Your Digestive Tract: Digestion and Absorption

By RiversZen | Nutrition , Peggy Stevens

Digestion 3

How Muscles Imbalances in Abdomen Affect Digestion By: Jessie Dwiggins, Reprinted with Permission from YogaTuneUp Can you stomach a deeper dive into the digestion system? We have chewed through the process of mastication and gulped down the movements of swallowing.  At this point in digestion, food has been broken down enough for enzymes to chemically transform it into smaller, […]

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