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Reflection: Healthy Choices Are Important To Me

By RiversZen | Dave Stevens , Meditation

Self-Reflection Questions:1. What new, healthy habits should I adopt?2. What are some unhealthy habits I could replace with healthier choices?3. Do I exercise regularly? How can I incorporate more exercise into my daily routines?Reflections are brought to you  by RiversZen.comHere is the text from the audio above …Hey, it’s Dave from RiversZen.com’s Reflections and Affirmations. […]

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Introducing FitFlow at RiversZen

By RiversZen | Classes , Fitness , RiversZen Astoria Oregon , Yoga

If you love a high energy class, check out this new RiversZen offering starting in Astoria on Wednesday nights. Hopefully we can convince Kelli to add this class to RiversZen Ilwaco sooner than later!!!! Click Here To View Video From Kelli: Introducing Astoria’s first-wave West African/AfroBrazilian dance inspired yoga class, that I’m just calling Fit Flow! People who […]

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My Favorite New Fitness App

By RiversZen | Dave Stevens , Fitness

It’s a new app with amazing results for my daily fitness routine … and no, it’s not the latest version of fitbit or an online workout calculator or even a yoga practice app … it’s actually a weather app! You might ask, how can a weather app be a fitness solution? It’s really quite simple. If you’ve […]

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Spotlight Yogi – September

By RiversZen | Chandra Stevens , Yoga

Anita Jensen Occupation: Process Safety Manager- I make sure things don’t blow up.Fun Fact about you: I love and adore RuPaul’s drag race. I have an inner drag queen who loves getting out!When you aren’t on the mat, where can we find you?: Home with my four-legged fur babies or the beach.Favorite coastal business? Astoria Coffee […]

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Ageless, Strong

By RiversZen | Yoga

Peggy Stevens Ageless Strong

You don’t have to age sick and broken. You can choose ageless and strong!This is my amazing wife, Peggy Stevens, doing an amazing strength pose during our Strala Yoga training with Tara Stiles in Seattle. She is the perfect example of someone who absolutely refuses to grow old and broken. Dave and Peggy Stevens with […]

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