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Big City Style Yoga Right Here in RiverCity!

By RiversZen | Yoga

Independent Review by Attorney at Law, Kelly Stearns Yoga for Power, Strength, Stamina, led by RiversZen Instructor, Peter von Payens is a Strala style yoga flow class. Strala Yoga, is a great way to use your breath to find ease of movement. Strala Yoga allows you to practice moving meditation using the breath to flow […]

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Meet RiversZen Instructor, Wendy Hensley

By RiversZen | Instructors , Resistance Flexibility Stretching , Yoga

We’re honored to have Wendy Hensley as a Certified Ki-Hara class instructor and personal trainer at RiversZen. Wendy’s dedication to her students is remarkable. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge means as her student you never are lacking for new solutions and motivation. Wendy has an extensive fitness background having taught local senior aerobics, interval step aerobics, walking […]

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The Secret To Successful Long Term Change

By RiversZen | Classes , Dave Stevens , Fitness , Nutrition , Posture - Balance, Alignment, Motion , RiversZen Astoria Oregon , ZenFit

You get on the perfect diet or exercise program or mindfulness program and slowly but surely it slips away from you. Here are the 3 ingredients I’ve found that make a huge difference for most people to make changes that stick for life. Expert Advice – Identify professionals who not only have the knowledge, but have successfully transformed […]

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