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What is the Best Time of the Day To Do Your Workout?

By RiversZen | Dave Stevens

What is the Best Time To Do Your Workout? According to multiple studies from ISSA it really doesn’t matter. What matters is just doing it!

Researchers agree, it is NOT important what time of day you exercise, as long as you bust out a good sweat session and learn to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

This is why timing of workouts is individualized. Morning workouts are great for some people, while others thrive on that after-work burn.

Research cannot find any significant differences for weight loss or performance when people workout at different times.

If you feel like you get the most from your weight training routine during lunch time, then by all means, hit the weight bench while everyone else hits the drive-thru.

If you love your evening Zumba class, then put on your flashiest glitter top and animal print leggings and shake your booty.

And just in case you’re still on the fence about when you want to exercise, know this: Research has proven that exercise can be broken up into several shorter bouts per day and be just as effective as one long sweat session! So just commit to moving throughout the day:

Wake up a few minutes early for a quick 15 minute calisthenics session before your morning shower.
Get up and go for a walk at lunch.
Rep out a few push-ups and squats on a work break.
Take the kids and the dog for a walk after dinner.

The moral of the story is that fitness doesn’t have any short cuts. There is no “best time of day” or “magic pill” for anything. So do what works for you, and be sure to visit this blog often for more articles that give you the hard truth about fitness and health.

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