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Bite Sized Pieces For Success

By RiversZen | Ageless Living

The weekend is here . . . any fun plans? Well, I started attacking my desk a few days ago and now I’m in the flow. Don’t get overwhelmed with the process.


Years ago when I would get in the cleaning mode I would literally remove everything from a closet and start over.


Thank heavens, as I have gotten older I have come up with a better plan. Now I go shelf by shelf or drawer by drawer. Endlessly easier to deal with the disorder since it is a much smaller portion so to speak and it takes a fraction of the time to complete.


Seeing the finished shelf compared to the remaining disorganized chaos of the other shelves is incentive to continue with the process . . . later that day or even next week.


Since you can easily close the closet door you don’t need to worry about leaving a messy wake in your path. Bite sized pieces makes organization much more easily attainable.


Peggy Stevens is the founder, owner and operator of RiversZen Fitness Studios in Oregon and Washington. She is also the creator of StretchPro. You can join Peggy live at or follow her online at


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