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Body Shame – Part II, Solutions

By RiversZen | Chandra Stevens

Body Shame - Part II, Solutions
by Chandra Stevens, Ki-Hara Trainer, RiversZen

I dealt with Body Shame for years (read my blog post, Body Shame, Part I, Issues).

Our bodies are strong and powerful vehicles, but it’s the sole medium that we experience our lives though. Being a beautiful person isn’t just outside appearances. Being beautiful and lovely starts on the inside- being humorous, compassionate, caring, humble, and intellectual will guide us to true beauty on the inside as well as the out.

My journey finally led me to training at RiversZen in yoga and stretch classes. I incorporated Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching into my life and I utilized all the fabulous instructors in front me- which included my bf, Mario (who I had pushed away of embarrassment in prior years). I grew to find something truly wonderful- I found how fitness and yoga trained me to move out of my mind, move out of my phone and social attitudes and into my body. Ridding myself of all shame.

Through my practice, I have learned there are many body types, and fitness and health comes in many levels. I strive to be a healthier version of myself, but I don’t beat myself down on “flaws” or allow anyone to judge my goals or how I achieve them. Once I incorporated this kind of mentality into my life —it was then I realized no one truly ever was judging me, and I gained a whole community of support and love.

I furthered my practice by becoming a Ki-Hara trainer at RiversZen, and moving into my own teaching practice with stretch and yoga. At first, I was intimidated as my initial thought was “no one will come to my classes or schedule a stretch with me, I can’t teach yoga and stretch clients with my fuller sized body”.

It was these exact thoughts that have stopped me in the past, and stopped me from realizing that fitness comes in all shapes and sizes and exercise has similar benefits, no matter the body type.

Today, it is here that I, with open arms welcome everyone to their mats with me. Of all body sizes, big, small, tall and short. Everyone is at different levels of their practice, and will soar to new mental and physical heights. I push myself to always learn, always learn new techniques, and new ways to help people in my life who are at a different level than my own, no matter what level this may be. I interact with everyone and every body type because we all deserve love, respect and encouragement.

I share this snippet of my life and information with you all because, it’s a common issue in many of our lives to not try new classes, or any classes at all due to the fear of not being good enough.

Let me assure you now, you are good enough. You will push yourself to success with the backing and encouragement from all of us here at RiversZen and you will see yourself grow stronger and confident every single day!

Chanda is a group fitness instructor, private session Ki-Hara Trainer and ZenFit Team Leader at Riverszen.

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