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Breath and Stress – A RiversZen Reflection

By RiversZen | Breath

breath and stress reductionI Breathe in Calmness and Breathe Out Anxiety


Each breath I take cleanses my mind. Calmness fills my lungs and spreads throughout my body with each inhalation. Stress and anxiety leave my body as I exhale. I spend the entire day constantly renewing myself as I breathe.


Breathing is my anchor to peace and serenity.


I am always at peace, because I can take my breath everywhere I go.


Focusing on my breathing keeps my mind in the present moment. There is nothing to worry about in the present, only in the past or the future. By remaining present, I naturally feel calm and relaxed.


My ability to relax in stressful situations continues to grow. I sometimes feel anxious in the most stressful situations, but I am strengthening my ability to cope with them. I am so pleased with my progress.


I know I can handle anything life may bring my way.


My ability to enjoy my life is increasing, too. My true-self is being revealed by my calm mental state. I am free of stress and anxiety.


Today, I remember to be aware of my breath and the many benefits it provides. I allow all of my stress and worries to leave my body with each breath. I welcome the soothing powers of each breath of fresh air.


Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is causing me the most stress in my life right now? What can I do about it?
2. Do I allow my mind to focus too much on the past or the future?
3. How would my perspective change if I avoided dwelling on the past or the future?


Dave Stevens RiversZenMy goal is to help you to become stronger, more flexible and pain free while moving and living with ease.


50 years of sports related injuries left me virtually crippled. The discovery of “Resistance Stretching” literally saved my aching body. Strala Yoga and Strong Posture exercises were the keys to maintaining my new found health. I have a burning desire to share this “miracle” with anyone who desires a stronger, healthier body with less pain.


Co-Founder of RiversZen Studios in Oregon and Washington. Dave Stevens is a Certified Ki-Hara Master Trainer, Certified Posture Exercise Professional and Strala Yoga Guide.


Join Dave “in studio” in Astoria, Oregon or Ilwaco Washington for his Smooth and Easy Stretch classes. You can also join Dave online for classes, training, inspiration and more at MyRiversZen

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