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Reflection: Healthy Choices Are Important To Me

By RiversZen | Dave Stevens , Meditation

Self-Reflection Questions:1. What new, healthy habits should I adopt?2. What are some unhealthy habits I could replace with healthier choices?3. Do I exercise regularly? How can I incorporate more exercise into my daily routines?Reflections are brought to you  by RiversZen.comHere is the text from the audio above …Hey, it’s Dave from RiversZen.com’s Reflections and Affirmations. […]

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My Favorite New Fitness App

By RiversZen | Dave Stevens , Fitness

It’s a new app with amazing results for my daily fitness routine … and no, it’s not the latest version of fitbit or an online workout calculator or even a yoga practice app … it’s actually a weather app! You might ask, how can a weather app be a fitness solution? It’s really quite simple. If you’ve […]

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