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The Secret To Successful Long Term Change

By RiversZen | Classes , Dave Stevens , Fitness , Nutrition , Posture - Balance, Alignment, Motion , RiversZen Astoria Oregon , ZenFit

You get on the perfect diet or exercise program or mindfulness program and slowly but surely it slips away from you. Here are the 3 ingredients I’ve found that make a huge difference for most people to make changes¬†that stick for life. Expert Advice –¬†Identify¬†professionals who not only have the knowledge, but have successfully transformed […]

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Read The Labels!

By RiversZen | Nutrition , ZenFit

Protein drinks and mixes, while seemingly healthy, are not a substitute for learning to eat real food. Read the labels carefully. Many of them contain Sucralose, which is Splenda, a highly toxic substance that has recently been linked to leukemia. If it contains other ingredients you are unfamiliar with, do your research. Find a mix […]

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