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Stephanie’s Story of Recovery … And Her Goal

By RiversZen | Instructors , RiversZen Astoria Oregon , Yoga , ZenFit

New instructor Stephanie talks about her journey and her desire to share with you. Stephanie’s Story of Recovery … And Her Goal This was an impromptu discussion of Stephanie’s health prior to RiversZen and her subsequent recovery through StretchYo, RiversZen and Zenfit. In addition she discusses her goal for helping others through her teaching … I […]

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Introducing FitFlow at RiversZen

By RiversZen | Classes , Fitness , RiversZen Astoria Oregon , Yoga

If you love a high energy class, check out this new RiversZen offering starting in Astoria on Wednesday nights. Hopefully we can convince Kelli to add this class to RiversZen Ilwaco sooner than later!!!! Click Here To View Video From Kelli: Introducing Astoria’s first-wave West African/AfroBrazilian dance inspired yoga class, that I’m just calling Fit Flow! People who […]

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The Secret To Successful Long Term Change

By RiversZen | Classes , Dave Stevens , Fitness , Nutrition , Posture - Balance, Alignment, Motion , RiversZen Astoria Oregon , ZenFit

You get on the perfect diet or exercise program or mindfulness program and slowly but surely it slips away from you. Here are the 3 ingredients I’ve found that make a huge difference for most people to make changes that stick for life. Expert Advice – Identify professionals who not only have the knowledge, but have successfully transformed […]

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6 Awesome Things Yoga Can Do For Your Kids

By RiversZen | Chandra Stevens , Classes , RiversZen Astoria Oregon , Yoga

RiversZen Kids Introducing a new and fun way of bonding with your children while enhancing your child’s skills mentally, physically and spiritually. Here are 6 ways Yoga will help your kids. 1) MANAGING EMOTIONS THROUGH MOVEMENT, yoga class incorporates concentration, energy and quiet time for deep relaxation. It teaches children the importance of peace and […]

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