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Celebrity Stalker Me?? Jill Miller, Yoga Tune Up!

By RiversZen | Instructors

I Have a Confession To Make ...

Good Day RiversZen Family,

After an exciting weekend at the International Resistance Stretching Symposium in Manhattan Beach, California I can't wait to share some of the new techniques we learned.

But first, I've got to tell a little story ... #1 let it be known that I am not impressed by celebrity and the last thing I would normally do is approach a celeb. Let them live their lives without crazy fans bothering them ...

But day one when I walked into the restroom and realized that the lady standing in the mirror was none other than Jill Miller from Yoga Tune Up and Mobility WOD (surprisingly she was an attendee not a presenter) ........

Totally out of character I basically "jumped her" right there in the restroom.

Those of you who are regulars in our class know that her Coregeous Ball  is my absolute favorite fascia release tool of all time.

So I couldn't contain myself in telling her so ... gushing and sharing!

She was charming ... I invited her to Astoria to do a workshop at RiversZen ... she said a 2 hour drive from Portland airport? .. But who knows, maybe some day she will be here for a training! Astoria does have it's charms.

I sincerely hope to see you all in class this week.

Not a celebrity stalker, seriously, I'm not.

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Chandra August 5, 2016

I love this so much. haha, you def are not a typical “run downer” of people so I am excited you had so much fun talking to the creator of your most favorite yogi tool!!

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