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Congested, Sinus Drainage, Headache? Try These for Sinusitis Relief

By RiversZen | Ageless Living

SinusHave you been congested, had sinus drainage, maybe a headache, issues with vision or dilated pupils . . . the list is long of the various symptoms of Sinusitis?


I’ve only listed a few. It can be acute – lasting up to 4 weeks, subacute lasting from 4 to 12 weeks or chronic if is last more than 12 weeks or in some individuals even for years. It can be recurrent where you may get several throughout the year or created due to an allergic reaction to something you breathe in. It can be infectious or non-infectious (which is what most experience caused by irritants and allergic reactions generally to spores released with the change of weather).


There can be all sorts of methods of dealing with the varying degrees of the malady from irrigating your nose with saline in an effort to rinse the sinus passages and remove the fungus. You can use a vaporizer or a steam shower (maybe with some essential oils or Vicks to help open your nasal passages).


But you could also roll the Therapy balls gently across your forehead and along the sides of your nose. It is a method that is endlessly easier to do at work and doesn’t leave water drops on your paperwork. So try a variety of methods . . . maybe saline or the vaporizer at home and the balls at your desk or during your daily commute.


If you are one of the unfortunate ones with a fever and fatigue you may have to resort to more drastic measures. But, don’t suffer, the methods mentioned above can provide relief.


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Peggy Stevens is the founder, owner and operator of RiversZen Fitness Studios in Oregon and Washington. She is also the creator of StretchPro. You can join Peggy live at or follow her online at

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