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How to Create Your Home Yoga Sanctuary

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How to Create Your Home Yoga Sanctuary

Since yoga is such a profound and intricate technique, it is important to learn and hone skills with professionals, who will guide you through asanas and pranayamic breathing, and teach you an array of skills, including the basics of yoga, stretching using the correct techniques, and specific activities such as the kundalini wakeup, to awaken your inner light. However, it is equally vital to practice what you learn at home, so that there is isn’t a single day that you don’t benefit from the physical, mental, and spiritual effects of yoga.


Inviting Nature into Your Home

Whichever space you use to practice yoga should be big enough to enable you to stretch, carry out yoga, meditate, etc. If possible, this nook should contain natural light and verdant surroundings, since nature has a unique ability to instill a sense of mindfulness and to enhance spirituality.


Having a view of the sunrise will also be very practical for sun salutations, which is the first thing you should do upon waking up. If natural light is impossible, fill your space with natural elements. A wooden decked floor, wallpaper with nature imagery, and seashells, will help remind you of the inner force that runs through nature and all living things.


Creating an Atmosphere

To heighten the sense of being ‘in the here and now’, use elements such as therapeutic grade essential oils in a diffuser (use oils such as orange and bergamot to energise, and lavender to calm).


Visual aids are also important. Candles, for instance, are a common item in home yoga spaces, for many reasons. The flickering flame can be used as a point of focus, the light of candles by night can be incredibly peaceful, and candles can bear beautiful fragrances that have an effect on mood.


Since yoga is all about purification, beware of inhaling toxins, opting for natural candles instead. Read the ingredients list when you are buying candles and by all means, avoid paraffin, which contains harmful compounds that can harm the respiratory and other systems. Soy candles often come in lovely scents, so you don’t need to forego the aroma-therapeutic effects of your favorite candle. Blue pine, oakmoss, earth, cedar, or espresso are just a few of the beautiful fragrances that will fill your personal yoga space. A little altar for these items and artwork is a visual reference that many find inspirational while practicing yoga.


Storage Space is Key

You should have a small storage area/furniture piece,  in which to keep your yoga mat and props when not in use. Many people also like to have a few colorful pillows in the room, to sit or lie on while meditating or relaxing after yoga; these can also be stored away if your yoga space will have other uses throughout the day.


All you ultimately need to practice yoga is the will to do so. Anything that can bring mindfulness, inspiration, or beauty into the equation, is an added bonus. When building your home yoga space, make it as appealing as possible, with visual, tactile and olfactory elements that will turn this little area into your favorite space in the house, not only for yoga but also for connecting with your inner world.

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