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The Game of Life Throw You a Curve Ball?

By RiversZen | Nutrition

In the Game of Life, we sometimes get thrown a curve ball, something unexpected, sometimes an unpleasant surprise.

There are lots of ways we can handle the unexpected. Think of an uninvited guest. Do we ignore in hopes the unexpected will disappear? Throw a tantrum? Place blame on circumstances? Or look at the unwelcome guest straight on, eyeball to eyeball, so to speak. What does this visitor have to say? How do we listen to this? What is the message waiting for us?

There are messages waiting for us all the time in the forms of ideas, longings, sensations, cravings and worries, hopes, fears and dreams. Running to food and substances doesn’t satisfy us. We all know that. And yet we repeat that behavior over and over, wondering why our waistlines aren’t shrinking and the scale isn’t budging. We repeat unproductive behaviors expecting different results. Insane, huh?

I’m not sure talking about why we do that helps us stop the insane expectation. If we want different results, we need different behavior. And behavior is about choosing. Today make a different choice, a better choice, a new choice. Practice choice. It does get easier. Eat only when hungry, stop when satisfied. Eat whole foods. Shop from the perimeter of the store. Feel smart by being smart by making smart choices.

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