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Draw Hard Lines For Ultimate Success

By RiversZen | Dave Stevens

Recently I was feeling tired and sick ... long naps and a general sense of dis-ease ... often dizzy and light headed ... and self imposed stress? Don't go there ... so I decided to review my eating habits and figure out what was up with my body.

In spite of living low carb for the past 15 years I realized that I was still allowing myself those little "cheats" that I thought gave me pleasure. I would look forward to wine and dark chocolate - EVERY night ... an occasional piece of birthday cake or ice cream with pie? Yep, those all were allowed on the rare occasion. Isn't that the conventional wisdom? Reward yourself for success?

But after review, I realized that I was spending my life waiting for the next "treat" and constantly craving those little bumps of sugar. But by giving myself those treats I was actually setting up a failure mechanism that kicked into action every day ... and the worst part ... the descending spiral this created.

Descending Spiral?

I'm sure you've been there. You eat a treat to make yourself feel better, then you feel guilty for giving in to the temptation. So what happens? You crave that treat even more, it calls to you ... loudly ... and persistently ... the voice just won't shut up.

So a couple of things often happen. 1) You give in and eat more of the poison or 2) you beat yourself up putting your body into the fight or flight stress situation. Both with very very bad results.

One thing I've discovered in this long life is that when you are at ease and open, the exact message you are seeking shows up in the most unexpected places.

During my research one of those Facebook Infographics popped up and it said something along the lines of ..."A cheat meal or cheat day? What makes you think that would work? Would you try to quit smoking by telling yourself that it's ok to have a few cigarettes on Sunday evening and expect lasting change?"

Wow, it was like a bolt of lightening came flying out of the sky and hit me right between the eyes!

Doing more research I found that like any other addiction - dependence on drugs like sugar, dairy, alcohol and gluten cannot be resolved by allowing yourself to enjoy them occasionally. You must surgically cut them out of your life and draw that hard line that you will not cross. Period.

I found that quitting smoking (thank god in my 20s) required the exact same "discipline". There was no way I could have an occasional cigarette and become a non-smoker.

What I did find when I quit smoking was that the further I got away from my last cigarette the less I wanted one. In fact after a few weeks I realized that I had zero desire to light up.

10 weeks ago I decided to apply the same hard lines to my eating and see what happened. Guess what happened?

10 weeks out I now have zero desire for a sandwich, ice cream, pizza, or any of the other "vices" that have ruled my life up until now. I truly believe that the further out I get from eating those foods that are "poison" for MY body, the less the cravings I will have.

As the song from the 60s said, Oh Happy Day! Finally FREE.

I'm happy to report that I no longer feel like going back to bed 1/2 hour after I get up. I move with ease in my body and my stress levels have greatly reduced.

The very best part? As a diabetic who quit my medications a few months ago and have been "border line" controlling my blood sugar with diet I now get up every morning with my fasting blood sugar numbers in the normal range. At the worst low 90s.

I am not saying that for you to experience these amazing results that you need to give up the same list of items that I have.

Every body is different and you have to test what works for you. The goal is to eliminate inflammation from your body that will allow you to move well, stay healthy and be happy through your entire lifetime.

I know, I've been there. Feeling like you can't go on if you have to give up the foods and drink you love. It just doesn't seem right.

Maybe what it takes is having a scare or finally being sick and tired of being sick and tired. I sincerely hope that you can see the wisdom and make the right choices before you become diabetic, bed ridden or worse.

You have to evaluate where you are. Decide if your health and peace of mind are worth giving up these "temporary" pleasures.

I absolutely guarantee you that if you go on a self-seeking path of discovery and find out what foods work for you and especially those foods and drink that don't, then you draw those hard lines ... hard lines that you will NEVER cross ... you can change your life ... you will move forward with ease and peace of mind.

It's a place I intend to stay for the rest of my life and totally worth the initial sacrifice. A sacrifice that actually no longer feels like a sacrifice. Now it feels more like total freedom!

Dave Stevens
Co-Creator of RiversZen

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