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My Favorite New Fitness App

By RiversZen | Dave Stevens

It's a new app with amazing results for my daily fitness routine ... and no, it's not the latest version of fitbit or an online workout calculator or even a yoga practice app ... it's actually a weather app!

You might ask, how can a weather app be a fitness solution?

It's really quite simple. If you've followed my teachings for the past few years you are aware that one of my favorite statements is that you  have to move well as you age to continue to move well. Movement is a major key to aging successfully.

One of the easiest ways to move well is walking. It's my personal "go to" workout. I want to get in at least a couple of brisk miles every single day. More if I've got time and the right weather.

And there is the rub. Living on the Oregon coast the beauty is overwhelming at times. But there is a price to pay for all of that greenery and scenery. It rains like crazy! I mean, seriously crazy rain. Upwards of 70 inches a year. 

Yes, being a Southern California bred boy I don't like going out in the driving rain. I know I can put on rain gear and still get my walk in but that isn't the point. I would much rather get my walk in during a time that I can thoroughly enjoy it. That makes it so much easier to accomplish. (Treadmill you say, I've got one ... 20 minutes feels like 2 hours out on the street to me ... but I do it when I have to)

So until recently it was hit and miss. I'd watch outside and look for my window of opportunity. No matter how many years I've lived her (over 15 years) I often guess wrong and come home soaking wet.

Then I saw a review about a weather app for my phone that gave a minute by minute account of rain for the next hour plus estimates for the rest of the day. The article I read claimed that the app is crazy accurate.

What did I have to lose? The app is only $2.99 a year and comes with a 14 day free trial. So two weeks ago I decided to download it and give it a try.

I'm very happy to report that the article was 100% accurate! I watch my app and look for that window of little or no rain. So far it has not let me down once. 

As a test a couple of days ago I took a little more time and stayed out past the forecast of light rain beginning in 5 minutes. There were few clouds in the sky and I was certain that the app would fail this time. But as the final minute clicked over my screen started getting dots all over it. Yep, it was raining ... a light, gentle rain just as the app predicted.

Want to know the name? Dark Sky ... it is available for both Android and IPhone so download it and give it a try for yourself. It's made the difference in how often I get out and how dry I stay!

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