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Seriously, I found you can learn to Love and Accept Yourself in 30 Days or less.

Self Love

First let me clarify that loving yourself is not about arrogance or being a snob, it's about self acceptance.

For more than 60 years I absolutely hated myself. I knew that no matter what I accomplished, no matter how much money I made, no matter how much I helped others or no matter how much I loved my wife and friends, that it just would not be enough. I would never measure up. I was not worthy of being loved.

Then I found a simple, easy and effective way to accept myself by simply "taping over" the recordings that had been placed in my head by others , many of these since I was a very young child. That revelation that it was that simple, that all I had to do was "reprogram" the script playing over and over in my head literally changed my life.

If you are a kindred soul who struggles with loving yourself, take some extra time today for reprogramming your personal "recordings". Follow the link to the daily reflection below. Then do this reflection every day for the next 30 days and see what happens. You have nothing to lose but a little time each day and EVERYTHING to gain once you start "loving yourself"

Click Here For The Reflection

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