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Life has a way of getting in the way of our best intentions. For example, you set a goal to come to the gym or studio regularly and then you break your arm or have surgery, or any number of unplanned roadblocks life has put in your path. Don’t let it get you down. Keep going . . . to class that is! Continue with your routine even if you must hitch a ride with a friend. Follow your original plan . . . with just a few modifications.

The philosophy here is even if you sit in class and do nothing more than breathe you are in the environment your body needs to heal. That breath could be exactly what your body needs; plus, you are with friends creating an energy around you that your body will absorb.

Many years ago, David and I had a trainer who was a very buff young man who shared even though he was not in a daily workout routine of his own he was convinced he continued to stay in shape because he was in that environment every day working with his clients.

Years before that I had a skiing accident which required me to be in an immobilizer for ten weeks. It was awkward to say the least. I never missed going to the gym as I had a very stressful job and I knew my brain needed it. I did what I could in class and lifted with those body parts that wouldn’t compromise my healing knee.

I’m not telling you to come to class when you are sick . . . unfortunately, none of us what to see you then. Keep your germs to yourself; but, if you are contemplating surgery, are already post op or just not feeling 100% for whatever reason, feel free to come to class and get what you can from that experience.

Don’t force your body to perform before it is ready to do so. Follow your doctor and your physical therapist’s directions. But, your participation in class, even at rest, will allow your brain to continue with the routine of coming to class and will provide your body with the breath it needs to heal. And if it is not possible for you to attend, then take advantage of the classes and information available online at myriverszen.com. If you are in this position or may be in the future, reach out to your instructor or give me a call.

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Peggy Stevens is the founder, owner and operator of RiversZen Fitness Studios in Oregon and Washington. She is also the creator of StretchPro. You can join Peggy live at RiversZen.com or follow her online at MyRiversZen.com

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