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Peggy Stevens and Pink

Along with her husband, Dave, Peggy is the Owner and Care Taker of RiversZen Ki-Hara & Yoga in Astoria Oregon.

After years of training with multiple Yoga instructors from San Diego to Seattle, Peggy now teaches a wide range of yoga and fitness classes. Her Certifications Include: Ki-Hara Master Trainer, Certified Posture Exercise Professional, Certified Yoga TuneUp® Instructor, Strala Yoga Guide

Retired CPA Peggy Stevens is truly an educator ... anyone who can teach Accounting 101 at a Community College and keep the class not only awake but enthused about their subject must be a master teacher!

All you need is a few minutes with her to see that Peggy is passionate about health and fitness and truly cares about her students and their well being. 

Self Love and Acceptance

Dave Stevens

My goal is to help you to become stronger, more flexible and pain free while moving and living with ease.

50 years of sports related injuries left me virtually crippled. The discovery of Ki-Hara "Resistance Stretching" literally saved my aching body. Strala Yoga and Strong Posture exercises were the keys to maintaining my new found health. I have a burning desire to share this "miracle" with anyone who desires a stronger, healthier body with less pain.

Co-Founder of RiversZen Studios in Oregon and Washington. Dave is a Certified Ki-Hara Master Trainer, Certified Posture Exercise Professional and Strala Yoga Guide.

Zenfit Team Trainer Kimberly Gibbs

Kim Gibbs

Kim is a StretchPro Master Trainer/Instructor and general manager of Riverszen. She has developed and leads all of RiversZen's Yogalates classes. If you want a great core workout in a room of supportive, like-minded people join her for Yogalates for sure! Kim also leads numerous stretch classes designed to create strength and flexibility in your body.

Kim's private sessions will help you to discover exactly what you need for improvement in everything from athletic performance to healing of injuries. Her StretchPro Resistance Stretching sessions will help you achieve fast and lasting results. You will also leave with tools for self care that will keep you strong and flexible!

Peter von Payens

Peter is a talented instructor who brings his years as a personal trainer and martial arts instructor to the yoga mat. He often shares his vast knowledge of the human body and the wisdom he has discovered through martial arts to help his students understand proper alignment, physiology and mind set.


Peter's classes not only provide instruction but give you an incredible workout. He offers everything from the "No-Sweat" Lunch Time Yoga to the intense workout of Power, Strength and Stamina. Beginners and advanced students alike appreciate Peter's approach and leave his classes feeling stronger and renewed!


In Peter's own words: "My basic philosophy is Balance in all things. That was the reason I took up Yoga to balance my fitness out. As for qualifications, well I've been working in the fitness arena for some time now. I started as a swimmer, then swim instructor, Martial Artist, Personal trainer, and now Yoga instructor. I have certifications, but I don't believe that those make a good instructor. I feel that experience, knowledge, and passion make a good instructor."

Instructor Kathie Hobbs RiversZen

Kathie Hobbs

As we age our bodies go through various changes. I watched and noticed that my mom and several family members lost their ability to move. I didn't want that for myself.

I tried various exercise programs but none seemed to fit or feel right until I found yoga. Since then my flexibility and strength have increased and improved and yoga became my passion.

I don't follow any particular method or style of yoga but practice strength and encourage movement and balance. I create movements that encourage balance through a flow that builds throughout your practice. Every class is appropriate for all levels.

Pam Hickey

Pam has lived on the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington for 20 years. She has practiced Qi Gong for 30 years.

Pam has worked in large corporations and owned her own business. At the age of 19 she was in an accident that resulted in a broken back and an 8 hour spinal surgery . Because of the accident and surgery, she understands the importance of stretching and the benefits that can be derived from it. She considers stretching one of the keys to living a
healthy and happy life.

Donna Quinn

You probably know Donna from the Pier Cannery Hotel or her weekly radio show on KMUN. What you probably did not know is that she is a trained Qigong practitioner and we're thrilled that she is part of the RiversZen Staff!!!!

Will You Be The Next RiversZen Success Story?

I started working with Kim Gibbs about a year ago. The hope was that this would help me with my arthritic hip and weak leg muscles. Her approach has been one of total-body healing with a emphasis on my arthritic hip. My physical condition today is vastly superior to what it was before I began. Owing to Kim's knowledgeable and reassuring approach I have seen remarkable improvement in the strength of my hip and legs during this past year. I now have much more flexibility, freedom of movement, and improved overall posture.

Janice Thompson

My twenty year chronic low back pain due to a tightened IT band has been resolved, so completely, that I seldom even think of it.  Dave and Peggy have helped me greatly improve my posture and the scapular release I experience is so effective, the relief brings tears to my eyes. So thankful my dogs led me to Riverszen.

Sandy Thomas

I've had many sessions using every modality you can imagine. The doctors had thrown up their hands and told me I would need to learn to live with the pain. Those days are now behind me due to RiversZen. For the first time in decades I feel totally in control of my own health! Blessings

Betsy Ward-Thompson