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Introducing FitFlow at RiversZen

By RiversZen | Classes

If you love a high energy class, check out this new RiversZen offering starting in Astoria on Wednesday nights. Hopefully we can convince Kelli to add this class to RiversZen Ilwaco sooner than later!!!!

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From Kelli: Introducing Astoria's first-wave West African/AfroBrazilian dance inspired yoga class, that I'm just calling Fit Flow! People who want yoga to be faster-paced or who wanna learn a bit about African dance, come play with me at the Astoria Rivers Zen studio Wednesday nights at 7!!

If you're wondering--how will she use her yoga voice for an African dance themed class?? Just watch me break into it mid-sentence 😉 Big BIG shout out and thanks to Batebunda for musical accompaniment and many of the moves I'll be sharing in the class.

Drummers in the Astoria area, PLEASE contact me if you would be interested in playing for a dance class, it really makes all the difference.If you have any questions or thoughts feel free to reach out at any time. Click Here for the full class schedule for both Ilwaco and Astoria is located here

Thanks again!

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