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RiversZen Was Going To Be An Alpaca Store????

By RiversZen | Dave Stevens

May 31

Yes it’s true, RiversZen was originally started as an alpaca products store!

We had actually made an appointment to view the space on the east side of the building that we currently use for our office/private appointment area to move our farm store into town. While viewing that suite the owners asked if we would be interested in seeing the other space. We said, sure, why not and headed across the hallway.

The minute we walked into the large room on the west side of the building and heard the waves softly splashing below the floor we both looked at each other and said, oh my, wouldn’t this be an incredible place to practice our yoga? A little brain storming and we decided to rent the space and utilize it for knitting circle, group lessons and overflow from the alpaca store.

So now we had to figure out yoga. Bring in our Rodney Yee tapes? Just free form on our own? We both had been practicing yoga as a supplement to Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching that we began studying in 2007 after it was responsible for restoring Dave’s health (click here to read Dave’s story).

So a brainstorm hit – we called our favorite yoga instructor (Sally Anderson) who had moved to Portland. We knew she came into town on Friday’s so we asked if she would like to teach a yoga class on Friday mornings for us. Not only did she agree but she told us she was moving back to Astoria and would love to teach out of our facility and do all of the classes we wanted.

So maybe open a yoga studio in the space?

We decided we could teach a couple of classes ourselves and offer them to the public in this magical location. Why the heck not???? Our Ki-Hara training had prepared us for running group classes.

The next day we were having coffee at our favorite coffee shop on the river and told the Barista about your plans and to let anyone know who might be interested in taking some classes.

She said she actually knew two people who might love to teach yoga. Peter von-Payens was the fitness/yoga instructor at Tongue Point and she knew he would LOVE to work with adults for a change and Dr. Catherine Al-Meten was a Doctor of Religious Sciences who was seeking a place to run meditaitons.

So it all fell together and in May of 2012 RiversZen officially opened it’s doors as a full fledged Yoga Studio … and as they say the rest is history.

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