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3 Futuristic Meditations Inspired by Self-Driving Cars

It wasn’t so long ago that driverless cars sounded like science fiction. Now, Google’s bubble cars have already logged over 700,000 autonomous miles without a single crash, and major automobile companies are starting to roll out the technology for self -driving systems.

Even if you’re not ready to buy a car that drives itself, you can use meditation to think about the experience. See what the new technology has to do with familiar issues like developing trust, saving time, and breaking down boundaries.

Meditation on Self-Driving Cars and Trust

Despite the impressive safety record, about 60% of drivers say they don’t want to own a self-driving car. Even when we know that human error causes more than 90% of the 30,000 fatal car crashes that occur each year, it can be tough giving up the steering wheel. Consider how trust affects your decisions and relationships.

  1. Earn trust. The obstacles to trust are sometimes stubborn, but you can gain others’ confidence over time through your actions. Live up to your commitments and share your feelings. Focus on being generous and reliable. Be willing to recognize and support others.
  2. Offer trust. Meaningful relationships require trust. Be strong enough to let your guard down. Remember that the rewards are great, and you can survive a little rejection or embarrassment.
  3. Restore trust. Of course, no one has a perfect track record. Be quick to acknowledge your mistakes and open to giving others a second chance.

Meditation on Self-Driving Cars and Time

On the up side, think of all the time you’d save with a driverless car. In addition to being able to do any kind of activity safely while you’re on your way to your destinations, there would probably be fewer cars on the road at any time. What would you do with the extra hours?

  1. Spend more time with loved ones. Deepen your ties to family and friends by sharing conversation and enriching activities. Eat together, plan an outing, or volunteer as a group.
  2. Exercise consistently. Is it difficult for you to squeeze in a workout? Carve out a regular time to train for strength, flexibility, and aerobic fitness.
  3. Develop a hobby. Hobbies provide wonderful benefits for your physical and mental health. Play a musical instrument or collect antique bottles.
  4. Learn and grow. Devote your leisure time to furthering your education. You can take formal classes or read and attend lectures and other events on your own time. Pick a subject that interested you as a child or try something new.

Meditation on Self-Driving Cars and Boundaries

One thing many people overlook is how driverless cars might change our environment. We might not even need the divisions between sidewalks and streets. How do you deal with other barriers in your life?

  1. Feel connected. You’ve probably heard drivers, pedestrians, and bike riders complain about each other. What happens if we lose such distinctions, and see how much we have in common?
  2. Reach out. Work at promoting unity. Strike up pleasant conversations with strangers. Offer to do a favor for your neighbor.
  3. Question your limits. The most significant constraints may be the ones we create within our own minds. Set goals that are challenging and feasible. Find something you can do today that will take you out of your comfort zone.

Maybe autonomous cars are inevitable or perhaps drivers will want to stay in control. Whatever the future of transportation brings, meditation can help you through your life journey.

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