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Meet RiversZen Instructor, Wendy Hensley

By RiversZen | Instructors

We’re honored to have Wendy Hensley as a Certified Ki-Hara class instructor and personal trainer at RiversZen. Wendy’s dedication to her students is remarkable. Her insatiable thirst for knowledge means as her student you never are lacking for new solutions and motivation.

Wendy has an extensive fitness background having taught local senior aerobics, interval step aerobics, walking for all fitness levels and strength fitness classes.

But what we say is not as powerful as what her students say about her. Here are three recent, unsolicited emails we’ve received regarding Wendy’s RiversZen Classes.

“I was skeptical of a new yoga experience because prior yoga sessions in the past elsewhere did not go well. The RiversZen with Wendy is amazing! I have told all my friends they need to join me because I have felt so great after my yoga times. Thanks so much for making me a believer again and I look forward to getting stronger and more centered as time goes on.”
Melanie W

“I am taking this class after school with other teachers from Astor. It is a huge stress reliever, and Wendy makes the core strength building varied and fun! I started the class as an alternative to recommended surgery for sciatic pain. That was cleared up, and I continue the class because it’s a joy!”
Renee F

“After taking Wendy’s classes I can now sleep on either shoulder with zero pain. Something I have not been able to accomplish for years! Thank you Wendy”
Jodi Olsen

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Jodi Working on the Stability Ball

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