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Mom – Take Time For Yourself

By RiversZen | Kimberly Gibbs

One of the hardest challenges I’ve faced since becoming a mom has been getting out and doing things. I work from home a lot, so I tend to stay inside my house all day. This not only gets depressing at times, it also starts to take a tole on my body. I want to make sure I can chase my kids around all day and not get winded. I want to be in the best shape I can be, mentally and physically.

I had to get past the feeling of guilt of leaving my kids and husband at home while I go out and focus on myself. Let me tell you when I started to do this I felt amazing. I felt like super mom. Plus this gives some quality time for dad to bond with the little ones.

So mamas, get out of the house and go focus on yourself! Don’t lose who you are after becoming a mother just because you want to do the very best. To be the best version of yourself, you have to begin with yourself! This means taking time for yourself. Even if it’s for an hour. I personally find my zen at the beach watching the waves or getting a good workout in at the studio! If you need that extra push meet me at the studio. We can do it together!

Kim Gibbs is a Certified RiversZen Ki-Hara Trainer and ZenFit Leader.
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