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What In The World Is Resistance Stretching????

Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching

Resistance stretching, is a type of exercise that contracts a muscle and lengthens it-- the reverse of a workout such as a bicep curl, which triggers muscles to shorten.

Resistance stretching centers on flexing your muscles even as you stretch them; for instance, rather of merely performing a leg lift, resist the desire to let your quad muscles unwind en route down. A few of these stretching exercises can be done alone and others with a partner whom you'd employ to assist.

The technique proved important to Dara Torres, a U.S. Olympian and unexpected poster-child for the exercise. At age 41, the swimmer won 3 silver medals in the Beijing Games, and credits resistance stretching as a significant part in the training regimen that assisted to send her to a 5th Olympics.

How different is resistance stretching from other stretching workouts? Unlike holding a muscle in a passively extended position, the resistance path actively extends muscles through continuous motion.

Advantages of the Resistance Stretching

Resistance Stretching:

  • deals instant, cumulative, and long-term boosts in flexibility
  • removes the discomfort from stretching
  • safeguards one from hurting themselves by over-stretching
  • lead to gains in both strength and aerobic capacity
  • enhances efficiency and precision
  • develops more effective, explosive, and core steady motions

Boosts in flexibility through Resistance Stretching likewise lead to:

  • restorative adjustment of bone rotational correlations
  • getting rid of persistent joint tension
  • re-establishing ideal bio-mechanical performance
  • freeing fascial blockages

Resistance Stretching is the missing link in preventative medicine as it:

  • takes a proactive function in targeting specific locations of prospective injury
  • gets rid of persistent injuries
  • upgrades kinetic bio-mechanics with concomitant enhancement in mental and physiological health

No other approach, supplement, or strategy can yield much better outcomes than Resistance Stretching workouts. All you require is to perform the stretching workouts properly and you will grow more powerful, more flexible, have range of motion, and less tightness in your body.

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