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The Secret To Successful Long Term Change

By RiversZen | Classes

You get on the perfect diet or exercise program or mindfulness program and slowly but surely it slips away from you. Here are the 3 ingredients I’ve found that make a huge difference for most people to make changes that stick for life.

  1. Expert Advice – Identify professionals who not only have the knowledge, but have successfully transformed their own lives. With their expertise they can guide you through the complexity of issues, provide a customized rock solid plan of action, custom designed especially for you and your lifestyle.
  2. Strong Community – Align with a strong community of like-minded folk … folk who are trying to accomplish the exact same goals as you. It’s like they say in football … the sum of the parts is greater than the individual. Once a group of team players is brought together who have common goals and believe in and support each other mountains can be moved – lives can be changed.
  3. Accountability – Having someone who will gently and honestly keep track of what you are doing and how your plan is working will prove to be invaluable.

Find a community that works for you and that you feel a part of and you will be well on the way to a lifetime of success.

The RiversZen Community is a great place to plug in for community and expert advice. The ZenFit Transformation Program is a system we’ve put together to bring all 3 of these elements together for you. Check out the full deatals here

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