Time to Take Your Health and Fitness to the Next Level With RiversZen 6 Week Intensive Semi-Private Clinics

The attention and benefits of a private session at a fraction of the cost. Each session limited to no more than 4 participants

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6 Week Butt and Gut Intensive
6 Weeks to Lower Back Pain Relief
6 Weeks to Dramatically Better Balance

How it Works

Pick your clinic, time and day of the week from the list below and enroll. Your instructor will be in touch and ask you to fill out a short questionnaire to help customize each session to the participants

Individual Targeted Attention

It's all about YOU. Your instructor has the ability to focus on you making corrections and offering modifications individually

Customized Class Sessions

Classes will be customized to your compatible group. Every week will build on the last to bring explosive results.


Your team will become a cohesive unit working together for the mutual benefit of all

Pick your session, enroll and your instructor will be in contact with you with full details
You are enrolling for a single weekly class at the same time and location every week

Lifetime Relief From Lower Back Pain and Sciatica with Dave
60 to 90 minute sessions where we cover the basics of lower back pain relief then learn the stretching sequences that will not only fix, but prevent lower back pain when it strikes.

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The 6 Week Butt and Gut Intensive Challenge with Kim 
You'll end the 6 weeks
Stronger than you've ever been
With an awesome butt
And solid gut

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6 Weeks To Massively Better Balance with Peggy
Want to make a positive change and massively improve your balance in the next 6 weeks?

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Dave, Peggy and Kim

After working with thousands of clients, RiversZen's Master Trainers are adept at providing customized solutions designed just for you.

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