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​Have you heard of the Sit, Stand, Repeat test?  It was designed through a study in Brazil led by a Brazilian physician to predict who will live longer and whose lives will be cut short.  To me that part is debatable; but, I do believe it is a good measure of flexibility, balance and muscle strength and if you can’t do it today you can refine your technique over time.  ​

In this test you begin from a standing position, then sit on the floor and stand again . . . without using your hands, arms or knees for support.  Maximum number of points is 10 and you lose a point for each touch of a hand, elbow or knee to the floor and a ½ point for each wobble.  

Over the next few weeks we will be playing with this technique in my classes.  Don’t fret if you can’t do it.  As this has been shared over the years, I have come to appreciate the process more as a primer on how to get up off the floor than the crystal ball on life expectancy.  

As a part of our daily lives we often find ourselves on the floor or the ground regardless of our age.  Whether you got there playing with the kids, working in the garden or any of a myriad of different reasons; how well do you get back up?  If this is something you have been challenged with over the years, join us and learn how to perform this simple test and how to improve your technique over time.

And if the method used in the test is not something seen as achievable by you (due to arthritis, hip or knee replacements for example) then come to learn the various other ways to rise from the floor.  There are more ways to get off the floor than the way presented in the test . . . and, the key to our longevity is being able to function freely in our body for as long as possible . . . and this exercise allows us to practice a key technique for our body’s tool box.  It’s a simple process which can be fun, informative and so great for your mind and body. 

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Peggy Stevens is the founder, owner and operator of RiversZen Fitness Studios in Oregon and Washington. She is also the creator of StretchPro. You can join Peggy live at or follow her online at

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