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Spotlight Yogi – September

By RiversZen | Chandra Stevens

Anita Jensen

Occupation: Process Safety Manager- I make sure things don’t blow up.

Fun Fact about you: I love and adore RuPaul’s drag race. I have an inner drag queen who loves getting out!

When you aren’t on the mat, where can we find you?: Home with my four-legged fur babies or the beach.

Favorite coastal business? Astoria Coffee House & Bistro

How did you find yoga? What inspired you to start your practice? Peace of mind, relaxation, and weight loss.

How has your practice shaped who you are? It is making me more mindful of my breathing and letting go of stress.

Favorite pose/asana? All warrior poses

What fuels you? Optimism

Why do you love RiversZen? Location, location, location- who doesn’t love hearing the lap of the waves during practice? The people! Instructors, owners, and classmates are all supportive and encouraging.

If you had a superpower, what would it be and why? Too many to name- but here are the two id want the most. Mind reading- and omnilinguism- is the ability to understand any form of language. You could travel around the world and never have to worry about a language barrier. Communication is everything!

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