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Stephanie’s Story of Recovery … And Her Goal

By RiversZen | Instructors

New instructor Stephanie talks about her journey and her desire to share with you.

Stephanie’s Story of Recovery … And Her Goal

Stephanie Reibold Story

This was an impromptu discussion of Stephanie's health prior to RiversZen and her subsequent recovery through StretchYo, RiversZen and Zenfit. In addition she discusses her goal for helping others through her teaching ...

I was in a flare up. A full blown rheumatoid arthritis flare up. Where it feels like you got ran over by a truck and you got the flu.

I had a Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching session and it did not send me into a flare up. That was my first time that I did anything physical without problems -- It was like this big light came on.

Of course it took awhile but I got off all of the drugs.

So I still have a pain from injuries. But what I used to have ... I felt like something in like Star Trek beam me up. It was like a zzzzzzzz of pain and if people I mean just touching me or somebody talked to me and touched my arm. It would literally send this a painful jolt through me and at up my brain into my mind.

I mean I the other day was such a big thing. I mean I didn't talk about how sick I was when I was so sick. I talk about it now because it feels so good.

My goal is learning how to share this with other people. I meet people all the time just as broken and more broken than me and what I know is this program is doable.

It (resistance stretching, yoga and ZenFit) changed everything

I changed the medicine (I start taking the low dose drug). I started on ZenFit. I already been taking classes regularly for probably four or five months then.

I Feel So Good!
I want people that who are as broken as me to be able to come to my classes and feel comfortable.

Has the camera been going (this whole time)?

Stephanie Reibold

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