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Surviving The Holidays

By RiversZen | Kimberly Gibbs

The holiday season is upon us now. A time where parties, family and lots of foods surround us. Many of us are trying to live a healthier eating lifestyle. Maintaining weight during the holidays can be difficult, but trying to lose can feel unattainable.

The holidays are a trap in our path. The average person gains three to seven pounds during the holiday season. The thought of skipping out on Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings can feel next to impossible, but giving in can also result in unwanted pounds and even health issues for some.

First off, try to remember why you are at the table in the first place. It's not to stuff your face with food. Thanksgiving is about appreciating the friends and family that surround you. Food is only part of the equation.

I know the weather is rainy, but try to find a way to get in some type of physical activity. Even if it's 20 minutes. You can even include your friends and family. Try to find that break in the rain and go enjoy a nice brisk walk or even do some yoga at home. No break in the rain? Enjoy a game of charades with your family or hide and seek in the dark! Flashlight tag is one of my kids favorites! Yes, even in the house!

If you are not hosting Thanksgiving ask the host if you can bring a side. Bring something that is friendly to the lifestyle your living, but that others would enjoy.

Thanksgiving morning, make sure you are drinking enough water throughout the day. Dehydration can give you a false sense of hunger.

Fill up on protein first! Filling up on protein increases your feeling of satisfaction, stabilizes your blood sugar and keeps your fuller longer. This will help stop you from going back for thirds and fourths of the bad stuff! If you want a little bit of that sweet potato casserole, it's ok. Just remember you don't need half of the casserole, a small portion just so you don't feel like your missing out is ok.

Take your time eating. Many of us immediately start inhaling our food and we don't even get the opportunity to really enjoy the flavors we are tasting. We end up eating so much that we make ourselves sick. I am guilty of this! Slow down, enjoy the conversation around you. By eating slower this will allow the mind and stomach to connect and trigger the feeling of fullness. Before going for that second helping, pay attention to the way your body is feeling. Are you really still hungry or do you want more simply because it's a holiday and the food is amazing?

For some reason during the holidays people have a hard time saying no. Don't feel guilty by not take a helping of that sugary cranberry sauce. We say no if we are allergic to something, what is the difference now? Think of the way that food makes you feel when you eat it. Is it really worth that feeling? People will not be offended and most likely won't even notice if you don't grab a portion of something.

No matter what happens don't let what you eat on Thanksgiving day derail you. Make sure to move forward in a healthy way. Shake off those feelings of guilt if you experience them. Don't let them spiral you out of control. Jump back in with both feet and continue to ride through your weight loss journey. We have many classes Friday to help guide you and refocus your mindset.

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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