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I Pick Health over Temporary Gratification

By RiversZen | Dave Stevens

Testing is so important as all of our bodies are different. I was craving “something special” last night so I had a couple of ounces of dark chocolate along with my nightly red wine.

Fasting blood sugar this morning was 130 when it is usually under 100. So obviously ANY refined sugar is poison for me.

Now I’ve got a simple choice to make. I can either return to eating dark chocolate nightly and go back on my medications with all of the nasty side effects or I can choose something else for my short term gratification (like a handful of nuts) and avoid all of those nasty side effects from the meds.

No thought process necessary, here. I pick abundant and lasting health over short term and short lived gratification.
Test, test, test and then test again. You’ll find the right foods for your body!

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