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The right “PHIIT” for you?

By RiversZen | Classes

So, have you thought about taking a PHIIT class but weren’t sure if it’s the right “phiit" for you?

If your wanting to change your body, improve your overall health and want to challenge yourself, then this IS the right “PHIIT!”

I believe the ideal form of exercise is through short bursts of high intensity exercise- you will burn calories faster, and your ability to burn more fat- even AFTER the class is over- will increase.

PHIIT will provide you with effective, efficient results- and provide health benefits you may not see alone with traditional aerobics.

You can expect a TREMENDOUS boost of HGH; the human growth hormone also referred to as *The fitness hormone*, while improving our heart efficiency, and increasing your body’s metabolism.

It’s all about adding cardio intervals that will jump start your heart rate, and fall back into a ‘recovery’ doing Pilates, this is literally making the most out of every minute of your hour-long class. This combination will keep your heart rate up, and muscles engaged.

PHIIT is a great opportunity to help you reduce insulin dependency, increase mental state, train for athletic ventures and transform your body... you can expect to challenge and push yourself as you flow through a resistance stretch warm up, 30-90 seconds of intervals, 20 seconds of high intensity "tabatas", balanced intervals, and a cool down.

Enhance your life twice a week with me, listen to upbeat, current music and allow me to be apart of your journey of finding the best version of yourself!

Join us every Tuesday at 4:00pm and Saturday at 8:15am!

Private instruction available, FREE 30-minute consultation

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