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Turn Your Pool Time Fun Into a Great Family Workout

By RiversZen | Fitness

A pool is a great way to get in some exercise.
It’s low impact which is great for everyone regardless of fitness level! If you have joint problems, injuries, just had surgery or maybe you just want to get back in shape, working out in water is your answer!

Did you know you can burn 200-400 calories per 30 minutes of swimming? Water is a great fitness tool by providing resistance, which strengthening the muscles without putting weight on your joints.

Almost any exercise that you do out of the pool you can do in the water also.  You can even utilize a pool noodle. That noodle that is fun to sit on or hit people with…that’s your new weight. With your arms in front of you hold the noodle down. Feel the resistance? While holding the noodle underwater you can now push the noodle sideways, backwards or even and up and down to get a great arm workout!

Looking to tone those abs? Go ahead and sit on the noodle and raise your legs to a 90 degree angle and push them up and down into the water. One more put the noodle behind you and press down into the water. Now go ahead and try to jog in place! These are just 3 great exercises that will give you a great workout and is fun! And your kids will be exhausted from all that fun in the water.

Another great pool workout that is fun is challenge your friends and kids to a run! The deeper the water gets the harder it’s going to be! You can also use a kickboard or noodle to add some resistance and kick across the pool. The bigger the surface the greater.

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