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6 Awesome Things Yoga Can Do For Your Kids

By RiversZen | Chandra Stevens

RiversZen Kids

Introducing a new and fun way of bonding with your children while enhancing your child’s skills mentally, physically and spiritually. Here are 6 ways Yoga will help your kids.

1) MANAGING EMOTIONS THROUGH MOVEMENT, yoga class incorporates concentration, energy and quiet time for deep relaxation. It teaches children the importance of peace and helps them to carry it through their day.

2) CONCENTRATION, throughout yoga class some poses will be quick moving, while others are slow. This allows your children to learn and experience self control, enhance focus and become more aware.

3) STRENGTH, BALANCE AND FLEXIBILITY, yoga practice will enhance SBF for you and your child through resistance stretching and yoga poses. This will help reduce everyday injuries we often come across with having children.

4) CONFIDENCE AND SELF-ESTEEM, When your child is able to display their focus and strength through yoga alongside of you, it does magic to their confidence levels. They begin to believe in themselves and their ability. Class grants children persistence to achive greatness – even beyond their mats! Yoga practice is a great outlet for stress in a safe and nurturing environment. It is a physical activity for kids that produces happy endorphins.

5) CREATIVITY, WITHOUT FEELING COMPETITIVE PRESSURES. When children are able to be creative with their yoga poses and even suggest poses they are able to express their creativity.

6) ACCEPTANCE, Yoga teaches children we are all the same on the inside despite outward appearance, race or religion. We have functioning bodies and deep feelings. We can inspire kindness, patience, acceptance and being empathetic to others.

Join Chandra at RiversZen every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9am. Please arrive 10 – 15 minutes prior to class for sign up forms and to set up. Parent must be present with child. 1 to 10 years old please.

Regular RiversZen membership for adult. One child free for each adult present.

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