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Yep, that's not an empty promise. Hundreds have discovered a new fit, healthy and happy life simply and easily by following our simple formula

You don't need to count macros or calories, spend hours in a gym every day, take nasty medications, use arm loads of supplements or become a devotee to the latest guru.

If You Want to Thrive, No Matter Your Age.. You Simply Need to Do These 8 Things

  1. Discover your compelling reasons and set passionate goals Before any program will work you need the motivation and inspiration to discover exactly what it is that you want and the reasons you want it.
  2. Move every single day and move well our classes can really help with this one... and they are fun too
  3. Breathe Deeply. Sounds simple... and it is, but you need to take deep full breaths through your nose. You'd be surprised how many don't totally fill up their lungs
  4. Eat whole nutrituous foods that are perfect for your body. Ditch the processed garbage and quit... or at least severly limit sugar.
  5. Stretch your pain away and build strength through your full range of motion to heal and prevent future injuries.
  6. Build a simple self-care tool box that will keep you moving well
  7. Grab a good night's sleep. Don't get locked into a specific number or hours or any other rule. Figure out how many hours you need, be consistent and do it every night
  8. Get rid of STRESS... the only thing that 100 year olds have in common is not diet, exercise, lifestyle or some insane secret program... it's how they deal with stress effectively.


Your openness to what helps each person feel best, as part of their journey and to keep up an ongoing assessment and to make changes accordingly is so valuable.  Your workouts encourage me to show up and participate no matter how I feel with lots of room to modify depending on how my body is responding on that day. Thank you

Move well and wake up excited for each new day, jumping out of bed ready to go!

RiversZen Classes

Keeping it simple: join us for our transformative classes and if you don't feel a remarkable improvement after engaging for 30 days, we'll refund your investment, no questions asked. Begin your 30 trial now by choosing your level of membership

Members Speak...

Becky  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

She Can Now Hike, Jog, Play Golf or Swim Without Pain! "Probably the best part is the personalization, they realize that no one plan fits all. I have done many programs and know that this is something I can stick with. The support and the accountability that I get from them and the others is amazing."

Amy ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure Totally Turned Around. 7 months with RiversZen  "The results are better than good ... they are amazing. On top of that I can easily pick something up from the floor, I know It sounds silly but it's huge. I sleep better. I eat better."

Betsy ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I've had many sessions using every modality you can imagine. The doctors had thrown up their hands and told me I would need to learn to live with the pain. Those days are now behind me due to RiversZen. For the first time in decades I feel totally in control of my own health! Blessings"

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Hi, we are Dave and Peggy Stevens and Kim Gibbs and we'd like to welcome you to RiversZen Real People Fit where we teach you how to move better, stay healthier and to be happier. 20 years ago we avoided surgery, got off of all of our medications, got fit and healthy and have been helping others for 15+ years do the same using simple, easy and effective solutions. Join us for classes, courses, community and training for direction, motivation and inspiration to help you to achieve your goals

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We're confident you'll see significant changes. If you don't feel a remarkable improvement after engaging in classes for 30 days, we'll refund your investment, no questions asked. Start your path to a brighter, healthier future with RiversZen now! Begin your 30 trial now by choosing your level of membership.