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Laugh, chill out, challenge, resolve pain and promote healing. Fun and Fabulous classes to improve your strength, balance and flexibility! Our Classes are 'Do-able' for ANY Age, Body Type, Fitness level, or Level of Ability. Modifications to some positions are encouraged to make each class successful for You and Your body's strengths and weaknesses. Start from where You are, and enjoy your Fitness Progress, Health Benefits, Rewards of Aging, and Feeling Better every day.

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Covering a super wide array of topics. Body fixes from stiff neck to sore feet and everything in between. Inspiration, motivation, medicines, science and general tips. New and updated health info as it's released.
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For Deeper Learning: Courses, eBooks, Training, 30 Day Challenges and More! Everything we've discovered over the past 20 years that has us moving and feeling better in our 70s than in our 40s. 
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Daily Mind Fixes and Inspiration. It's personalized 'Mind Food' to think about, and put into daily practice for that "Be Happy" part of Life. Scroll through the episodes here or click this link for all episodes including transcripts

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We can say all day long that we can help you achieve your fitness and health goals... but it means much more coming from our valued members. Check out the wide array of members who have found health, fitness and peace of mind working with RiversZen.



She Can Now Hike, Jog, Play Golf or Swim Without Pain! "Probably the best part is the personalization, they realize that no one plan fits all. I have done many programs and know that this is something I can stick with. The support and the accountability that I get from them and the others is amazing."


High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure Totally Turned Around. 7 months with RiversZen  "The results are better than good ... they are amazing. On top of that I can easily pick something up from the floor, I know It sounds silly but it's huge. I sleep better. I eat better."


"I've had many sessions using every modality you can imagine. The doctors had thrown up their hands and told me I would need to learn to live with the pain. Those days are now behind me due to RiversZen. For the first time in decades I feel totally in control of my own health! Blessings"

More Real Results from Real People...

Dave's classes make working out fun. His classes combine yoga with tai chi and breathing techniques, as well as a little meditation. His sense of humor truly makes "working out" fun. And after a year of participating in Dave's classes I am feeling much stronger and more flexible. Linda

Love the stretch before bed with Kim. Just what I need to end my day. Thank you Zara

Every class is amazing! Both Dave and Peggy are excellent at instruction and managing expectations. They provide individual attention, recognizing that everyone’s body and skill level are different. Every class is focused on blending mind, body, and spirit. The studio is clean and provides a very friendly atmosphere. Instruction is budget friendly. I am in my mid-sixties and attend class 5-6 days a week. Dannie

I just completed two classes back to back, these early morning motion and flow with the stretch class are a great way to start the week. Dave does a great job listening to his students and seems to tailor the class to our needs. Simply wonderful! Tim

Class with Peggy is always so calming and centering with good stretch and strength building. Love it! Harmony

The work you two do is awesome. Thanks so much.  I am thrilled that when I googled yoga studios on the Peninsula I found you.  You are so much more than a yoga studio. Linda B

I first started back in June to jump start a healthy weight loss that keeps it off, wanted to be able to jump on my 16 hand horse from the ground, I can now do it but its not graceful, so now I want more flexibility and strength. I feel amazing and love this program. Zara

My goal was finding the joy in movement and developing a practice I feel drawn to, maybe even look forward to every day (not just another chore). What the two of you teach and the way you do it, the many yummies and the deep listening, have opened that wish and possibility. Bettina

I’m crushing it....I think I finally have control over food choices for me. Lost inches and pounds and a waaayyy better frame of mind. Thanks! Cynthia

Great class! After a weekend of yardwork it worked the knots out of my back... at the beginning my main goal was to not gain the Covid 15 pounds, to feel better in my own skin and to maintain my sanity. Well I am down 20 pounds, I am more flexible than I have been in years and I do feel that taking a class every morning does elevate my mood. So I am attaining my goal and I am so very grateful. Jane

I feel re-energized after only 4 days!  The best as always. This class fits my abilities while allowing me to challenge myself as well. Great! Donna 

Kim, The position of personal chef to our household is still available... just saying. Sara
(Kim is the RiversZen master cookbook chef  low carb cookbook included in your membership)

Loved the just stop concept, I’m right there with you on that and appreciate your supportive podcasts.  Thanks! Jan

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We're Here To Help You To Thrive For Life!

Hi, we are Dave and Peggy Stevens and Kim Gibbs and we'd like to welcome you to RiversZen Real People Fit where we teach you how to move better, stay healthier and to be happier. 20 years ago we avoided surgery, got off of all of our medications, got fit and healthy and have been helping others for 15+ years do the same using simple, easy and effective solutions. Join us for classes, courses, community and training for direction, motivation and inspiration to help you to achieve your goals