13 Distinct Classes offered 40 times a week  designed to help you to Move Well, Stay Healthy and Be Happy

Whether you want to challenge yourself, join in a wild and crazy class, enjoy a peaceful meditative experience, sink into deep and satisfying stretches ... or all of the above ... RiversZen is designed for you. The classes are Non-Intimidating, Fun and Will Get You Fit!

More than 40 classes offered every week in 2 Breathtaking Locations

Balance, Alignment and Motion

Balance Alignment Motion at RiversZen

This easy moving class concentrates on stretches and exercises to improve your Balance, Alignment and Motion helping you become Strong, Flexible and Ageless

BAM offered multiple times weekly. Click Here For Full Schedule

Blast Your Core To The Oldies

Blast Your Core To The Oldies at Riverszen

Blast your core to classic tunes from the 50s, 60s and 70s. You won't even realize how hard you are working as you rock out! And guess what? While you have big fun you build strength, flexibility and stability

Blast Your Core To The Oldies is offered multiple times weekly. Click Here For Full Schedule


Yogalates at RiversZen

Get ready to tone and tighten up with this awesome workout - affectionately called the Ultimate Butt and Gut Class! It's a method of exercise and physical movement designed to stretch, strengthen, and sculpt the total body to develop and promote lean muscles with an emphasis on the core by using one’s own body weight.  Set to upbeat and inspirational music, this class is high energy, low impact, and tons of fun! Your instructor provides modifications yet offers exercise progression to challenge all levels of participants. Come join our Yogilates Community!

Yogalates offered multiple times weekly. Click Here For Full Schedule

Drum and Fun - Pound, Move and Stretch

Drum and Fum Aerobics Class

High Energy, TONS of Fun. Drum, dance, bounce, jump, be playful, rock out to your favorite tunes ... it's the perfect class to get up and moving! Warning: This class is highly addictive!!!!

Drum and Fun offered multiple times weekly. Click Here For Full Schedule

Easy Stretch

Easy Stretch at RiversZen

Slow and easy movements designed to stretch every muscle in your body. The perfect way to start your day!

Easy Stretch offered multiple times weekly. Click Here For Full Schedule

Energy Flow

Yoga Energy Flow Astoria Oregon Ilwaco Washington

Like to get moving? A body in motion stays in motion. This class is a mixture of breath work, and energizing movement. This practice builds strength, tones and detoxifies. Combining Yoga, QiGong,Tai Chi and Resistance Stretching into a fun and creative practice.

Yoga Energy Flow offered multiple times weekly. Click Here For Full Schedule

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga Astoria Oregon

Hatha yoga is yoga for health. Hatha yoga uses physical poses to explore the inner structures of the body, the mind, and the self. Each pose is a means to feel inwardly, to discover where you are strong, tight, weak, or dull. Hatha yoga provides the framework for the experiences of physical, mental, and spiritual wholeness.

Hatha Yoga with Kathie every Thursday at 10:30 am in Astoria Click Here For Full Schedule

Lunch Time Yoga

Lunch Time Yoga Astoria Oregon

Got an hour for lunch? Peter has a great no-sweat workout for you!

Lunch Time Yoga offered multiple times weekly. Click Here For Full Schedule

Pilates, Beginning Floor

Pilates Astoria Oregon

This class will introduce your body to the mat work of Pilates in a safe and effective way. No equipment will be used, just your own body. We will be working through the classic Pilates mat work, focusing on lengthening your body and fine tuning muscles to give you "lift" all day long, improve sleep, and reduce fatigue and stress. There are no high repetitions or flopping about. Slow, gentle movements, focusing on the whole body- checking in often with how we feel, and what we are able to accomplish at our own personal levels.

Pilates offered multiple times weekly. Click Here For Full Schedule

Power, strength, stamina Yoga Flow

Power Strength Stamina RiversZen

Challenging progressive and sequential yoga asanas. Try it. Peter offers modifications for the moves that might prove challenging to some. It's a great class to up your  game incorporating Warrior Flows to improve your overall fitness.

Join Peter every Tuesday morning at 10:30 in Astoria  Click Here For Full Schedule

Qigong Walking and Forms - FREE Community Class

FREE Community Class Every Tuesday Morning at 7:30 am in Astoria with Donna Quinn. The RiversZen Qigong Walking Class will leave you tingly, energized and ready to meet the day head on!

Join Donna every Tuesday morning at 7:30 in Astoria Click Here For Full Schedule

Smooth and Easy Stretch

Smooth and Easy Stretch

The songs are smooth and easy, the movements are slow and easy. Designed to help improve movement, flexibility, balance and strength. It's all about you and some super yummy stretches.

Smooth and Easy Stretch offered multiple times weekly. Click Here For Full Schedule

Stretch and De-Stress

Stretch and De-Stress Yoga Long Beach Washington

Slow easy movement and long held stretches. As we sink into these yummy stretches we focus on the subject of the week releasing body tension and stress at the same time. Ahhhhhhhhh

Stretch and De-Stress offered multiple times weekly. Click Here For Full Schedule

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